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How should I store your ice-cream/ice-cream cakes?

All our ice-cream and frozen desserts must be kept in the freezer until ready to consume. They should also be consumed within 3-5 days. Please request dry ice if necessary.

How Do I serve your ice-cream/ice-cream cakes?

You can take your ice-cream cake out of the freezer for about 5 minutes before presenting so that it will be easier to cut through and serve. You can also warm your knife by running some warm water over it.  Similarly, you can place your ice-cream scoop in a bowl of warm water for easy scooping. We would suggest a metal knife for portioning the ice-cream cake as disposable knives are not very effective against these frozen treats!

Are your products halal-certified

No, they aren’t. But we’re working hard to get halal certified!

Are your products vegan? Do you have non-dairy options?

We change our flavours frequently but often have dairy-free options with our coconut-based flavours (Coconut Swirl, Chendol, Pulut Hitam) and vegan options in our sorbets. Please call us at 64688859 for quick assistance!

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for positive, cheerful and service-oriented people to join our team! Please email if you’re interested to join us on a full-time or part-time basis.

What are your store operating hours?

Please scroll to the bottom of our homepage to see our store address and operating hours


How do I place an order for a cake?

Order online, whatsapp us at 64688859 or call 64688859 for quick assistance.

How many days in advance do I have to place my order?

We usually need 3 days’ notice for cakes that have customized flavours, sizes or designs. Call us at 64688859 for quick assistance so we can work with you to find a suitable cake even if it is short notice.

How can I find the right size cake for my party?

It is always tricky to anticipate how much ice-cream your guests would want to have! For tubs, we would anticipate 1.5 scoops per person and each tub provide 4-6 scoops. For cakes, we generally use this as a guide:

Cake Size

Number of portions

6” Round Cake


8” Round Cake


9” Round Cake


10” Round Cake


11” Round Cake


12” Round Cake



How long will my ice-cream cake hold after collecting the cake?

We usually recommend that the cake should be stored in the freezer at all times until ready to serve. We pack dry ice (when available) with the cakes so they last about 45 minutes outside. Having said that, our local weather is always hot so please let us know in advance if you need dry ice so we can make sure there is enough for you.

Online Orders

Can I change my order after I’ve made payment?

Yes, please contact to make any changes as necessary

I did not receive any confirmation for my order. Who can help me?

Please call/whatsapp us at 64688859 immediately and we will be happy to assist you


Are you listed on any food delivery platforms?

Yes, we are available across all major delivery platforms so please check your preferred food deliver platform if you are located within our delivery radius. Sadly, the delivery radius is determined by the service provider.

I can’t get you on my food delivery platform, but I still want delivery

We can arrange delivery for you via a trusted delivery partner (Mon-Sun, 9am-6pm). They charge $15/delivery.


I would like to share some feedback with you or make some suggestions.

Please email David directly at


Do you sell gift vouchers?
Gift Vouchers are available in denomination of $5 or $10. We also have vouchers for single scoops of ice-cream or a tub of ice-cream. Simply email for purchase.
Can I use gift vouchers for online purchases?


For now, gift vouchers can only be used at any of our boutiques for dine-in and cannot be used for online purchases.

We charge an additional $20-$40 for all customized designs, depending on the level of complexity as well as the materials used to make the cake decoration.

Please give us a minimum of 5 days' notice to prepare the customized cake.

Please allow for variation in the design that we make as all cake decorations and colors are made & mixed by hand.

We don't have the equipment to make edible ink prints but are happy to cut the image out using fondant cut outs if possible.

We are limited in being able to copy exact colors as well as designs that require a fully black cake or designs that feature gold colors/sparkles/foil.

We do not recommend delivery of our customized cakes because of punctuality and handling care concerns. Please make arrangements to collect your customized cake from our King's Arcade or ION outlet.

Chat with us on WhatsApp (64688859), email or call us in-store at 64688859.