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Ice Cream
Our ice cream is freshly made each day without preservatives so we usually suggest consuming within a week!

Ice-Cream Cake
Our ice cream cakes are made by hand in small batches, and our customized cakes are made to order. 
The cake should stay in the freezer at all times until ready to serve/present. We usually suggest against defrosting the cake because the condensation on the cake when removing from the freezer may affect the decoration and some of the ice cream may begin to melt!!

If you've ordered an ice-cream cake, here are some tips about slicing up the cake!
1. Warm the knife in some hot water
2. Dry it with a tea towel/cloth
3. Slice cake accordingly.
4. Repeat after a few slices to heat the cake up.

If you'd like to share any feedback with us, please send us an email at david@islandcreamery or whatsapp directly to 64688859. Your feedback will go a long way to help our small family business improve and serve you better.

We charge an additional $20-$40 for all customized designs, depending on the level of complexity as well as the materials used to make the cake decoration.

Please give us a minimum of 5 days' notice to prepare the customized cake.

Please allow for variation in the design that we make as all cake decorations and colors are made & mixed by hand.

We don't have the equipment to make edible ink prints but are happy to cut the image out using fondant cut outs if possible.

We are limited in being able to copy exact colors as well as designs that require a fully black cake or designs that feature gold colors/sparkles/foil.

We do not recommend delivery of our customized cakes because of punctuality and handling care concerns. Please make arrangements to collect your customized cake from our King's Arcade or ION outlet.

Chat with us on WhatsApp (64688859), email or call us in-store at 64688859.